Do you cringe at the thought of wallpaper? Well, it’s come a long way since the 1970s, and offers a quick option for adding color and fun to any space! We want to show you how to use wall coverings to create a special “surprise for the eye,” especially in unexpected places like ceilings and task rooms.

Do you want to design a dramatic focal point in your favorite room? Sure, a fresh coat of paint will always work, but we are inspired to tap into our bolder design side by adding wallpaper into the fold! I don’t have a client who doesn’t cringe just a little bit when I say wallpaper and that’s because they are thinking of the 1970’s. Gone are the days when fussy wallpaper designs were relegated to the seldom-used parlor or formal living room. Today’s wallpaper options are stylish, modern and beautifully textured without any hints of its dreary past.


Task Rooms
Why waste the opportunity to make our task areas fun? Why not throw some wallpaper up in your laundry room, your mudroom or your craft room? These rooms could easily be just a regular functional space. One you never open the door to and looked into with any kind of happiness. Instead, by adding a little wall covering, to both the walls and the ceiling, you can bring in color that relates to the cabinetry and at the same time just makes you feel good. All the more reason to create a space that’s efficient, hardworking, and makes you smile every time you enter it!





Powder Rooms
A very dramatic design can make a great decorating statement in a small space. A powder room is a great place to play with patterns. It’s a room where the door is often left wide open and it gives guests something fun to look at. It’s a small space that usually doesn’t have a lot going on, so why not add some excitement? If you wrap the entire room, including the ceiling, the walls seem to disappear, so that you don’t feel as if you are enclosed in a small room. Also, since many new homes have high ceilings throughout the house, they often feel out of proportion in the smaller rooms, so wallpaper on the ceiling can help bring the room into balance and make it feel more comfortable.




The Fifth Wall
Don’t forget to use wallpaper even in the ceilings and between coffers and beams. Ceilings are becoming more dimensional and a more important design feature overall to a room. The coffered ceiling, which can be subtle or quite dramatic, breaks up a flat ceiling line. In turn, this trend inspires us to add wall coverings with the ceiling, also known as the “fifth wall,” in mind. Now we some reason other than the wood to look upward.





Mix and Match
Do not forget to mix and match. Use something different on the ceiling and on the walls. There are no rules just as there are no limits to the imagination. We love to mix and match several patterns and textures throughout the home. Look to a color palette or a piece of wall art you love and seek inspiration from it. Find patterns and prints that embody your focal point piece, or that match complimentary in color and style. If there are budget constraints, you can choose to feature a luxurious pattern on a single wall and choose a less expensive coordinating pattern for adjacent walls or paint the walls a color that plays up the pattern.






Subtle Moments
You’ve got to remember to create a moment the minute you walk in. Your bedroom is the spot for sleep and relaxation, so it isn’t the place for overstimulation. We frequently use subdued tones and designs in bedrooms to give off a calm, peaceful vibe. These types of toned-down colors are also ideal for spaces, such as the dining room, where all four walls are completely covered. We want the wallpaper to speak quietly in the room by providing a lot of texture and movement while still remaining subtle.






Focal Points
Last, but not least, don’t forget the focal points you can create with wallpaper. It’s a great solution to lots of challenges. It can bring warmth and detail to an otherwise drab room and transform it into an intimate retreat. It adds an extra decorative layer of pattern, color, and texture into your space. And you don’t need to paper an entire room or limit yourself to just walls. Again, put it on the ceiling or
behind the shelves of a bookcase for an unexpected moment. With a little creativity, you can truly incorporate wallpaper into every space. 




You may think it’s out, but it’s in. Wallpaper, you’re going to love it! And don’t forget that it matters. It’s a quick way to add color and fun to any space.
Our designers have thousands of wallpaper designs to choose from. Stop into the showroom or contact us today for a guided tour through the wonderful world of wallpaper! 

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