Sit, Rest, Relax, Laugh

We ask a lot from our living rooms. It’s a space to which we retreat when our bodies call for coziness; it’s a space that has to beckon guests, making them feel instantly at home; it’s a space that we ask to entertain, ready to awake from the slumber we asked from it only the day before. A living room has to stay on its toes, ready to respond to whatever our life throws its way. A living room lives to look after us.

No matter what your budget, buying new living room furniture is a big investment of time and money. Getting new furniture is a big deal, and the process can be stressful and time-consuming. You have to think about more than just the “bones” of the room. You have to also consider the fabrics, the furniture, the finishes, the paint — all to create one overall vision. You simply cannot think of one without the other. We want to help make furniture shopping a little easier and more enjoyable for you, so we are providing you with a few professional tips on how to create the perfect furniture package.


7 Tips to Creating Your Furnishing Package


Start with your armchairs, your sofas, the bigger pieces. A sink-into sofa is essential, and an armchair if you have room. Then find a few things you love that you can base everything else off of. Stools needn’t be refined to tired toes; position an ottoman beneath a window to create your own window seat and use a compact stool for occasional seating. Light, stylish and practical they can change function and form at a whim to give you decorative detail whenever and wherever you want it.

Waiting in the wings. Sometimes we don’t appreciate just how much we need a table. The moment you sit down with a cup of coffee and realize there’s nowhere to rest it, it hits you. A side table is a friend to your sofa, a coffee table the same. Consoles and storage solutions keep essentials close at hand, and beautiful items in sight.



It has to pass the “sit test.” It may be heavy, it may be sturdy and strong, but it also has to be comfortable. Your mind-set should center not only around quality but durability too. The Quiet Moose selects vendors who use traditional hand craftsmanship to produce frames that are among the finest used in the upholstery business. The timber is strong by nature, but their rigorous product testing ensures any sofa, armchair or footstool’s frame will survive life’s most extreme challenges. Namely, multiple toddlers jumping up and down, all at the same time, repeatedly.






A piece of furniture is an investment in your home, and it says a lot about you. Choose classic silhouettes that you’ll love now and forever. A well-loved sofa and cherished armchair aren’t just pieces of furniture, but rather part of the fabric of your life. They welcome, they comfort, they support, and they remind us to find the time to invest in rest. Treat them with respect and they’ll become a treasured family heirloom.





When deciding on a theme for your home, you’ll want to pick something that you enjoy. Choose a theme that you could see yourself liking over the next few years, since you’ll probably have it for a while. Do you prefer the look of a cozy cottage with distressed finishes, vintage accessories, and floral prints? Or perhaps you crave a modern style with sleek lines and cool colors. Do you love a traditional look with classic furniture, timeless colors, and elegant fabrics? Or maybe you prefer a unique theme, such as nautical or beach, mod or eclectic. Don’t forget that you can use accessories, pillows, and throws to accent the room — you can go a hundred different directions stylistically if you want.





Fabric is often the last thing we think about when choosing a new sofa or armchair, but it’s one of the most vital parts to consider. Choosing the right fabric for you, your home, your family and your lifestyle will impact your furniture’s visual appeal and longevity.

Consider neutrals for longevity. Lighter colored fabrics with soft, subtle patterns are livable and comfortable. Nowadays, fabrics can be sealed so well we can use them as anchors in our design. These fabrics are tough and designed to stand up to every scuff, stain and spill your family will bring to the table. We lean on them heavily when designing a home close to the beach. Whatever it is, make sure your fabric talks.





Create a little personality and do something a little different. For instance, in a large area, why not go for two rugs one layered on the other instead of one large one. Or if your area is quite big, you can go with two coffee tables; one right next to the other. Think about non-symmetrical. Think about a few elements of surprise backgrounded against the classics.




Scale out each one of your pieces ahead of time and determine your traffic flow; it matters. Consider form and function as well as the aesthetic. You don’t want anything in your room to feel overstuffed to the degree that it’s too large in the space. Overall, the feeling needs to be light on its feet.


Every room should have a punctuation mark or a focal point that draws the eye and anchors the room. We’re always trying to find something that gives the space a little personality. So, you can now see it’s not just about furniture and fabrics. It’s about tying together the nature, the texture and the colors of both the interior finishes and the furnishings — making one complete package.

At The Quiet Moose you’ll find that we house the perfect blend of textiles and furniture for every home. Our interior designers can help design the whole room or introduce you to the perfect piece of furniture or fabric to complete your living space.


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