Smoke & Fire

Recipes and Menus for Entertaining Outdoors

We love Holly Peterson’s new book as a Father’s Day gift! Smoke & Fire sizzles and delights with great recipes and chic ideas for relaxed outdoor entertaining. Pop into The Quiet Moose to pick up your copy today. It’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day or summer gifts to the people in your life who love to entertain, cook, grill, and get families together outdoors.

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining outdoors, where flavors are enhanced by grill smoke, sea spray, and the camaraderie of a shared meal. In Smoke & Fire, journalist and author Holly Peterson shares themed menus for delightful outdoor gatherings. She has worked with chefs across the country to feature fresh ingredients for a seashore lobster bake, a Cuban vineyard night, a New England tailgate, and much more to ensure hosts can focus on guests rather than on preparations. Capturing the essence of summer and celebrating the bounty and beauty of the season, Smoke & Fire is filled with more than 60 recipes, 100 illustrations, and valuable tips, the ideal guide to creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Aside from the main entrees, the menus include recipes for cocktails and desserts. The book, ripe with show-stopping pictures, also offers practical advice for cooking with fire—from flavoring to equipment—along with safety tips. Even if you don’t yet have your dream house with a great back yard, there’s still a good reason to buy the book: All the proceeds go to an incredible Food Pantry network, the largest in the country feeding 46 million people called, Feeding America. You can prepare meals and plan great summer events for your family and friends while helping other families in need. Good all around!



Steps to a Perfect Father’s Day

Stop by The Quiet Moose.
Pick up your copy of Smoke & Fire.
Select a recipe from the book.
Shop ingredients at local market.
Serve up father’s day June 19th.
Make lasting memories!