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There’s nothing like the arrival of Spring to remind us how wonderful it is to have some color in our lives. There’s something about sunshine and new beginnings that gives us the confidence to try new color combinations throughout our homes, be it in bunches of flowers, cushions and throws, or a long-promised piece of painted furniture. It’s also time to get the outdoor living space ready for warmer days and longer evenings. In warmer months, the outdoor space is as much a part of our home as the kitchen or dining room. Stylish and really, comfy outdoor furniture enables it to be both a calm oasis and the main social hub, helping the whole family enjoy a healthier, more alfresco lifestyle.


A Smooth Transition

Turn your outdoor space into another room with comfy seating, elegant dining furniture, and clever accessories that will transform even the laziest of lunches into a meal to remember. Designed right, it can become an extension of the home where you can relax and spend time among friends and family. When planning your outdoor space, keep in mind the look of the closest indoor room. A similar style and palette will ensure a smooth transition from indoors to out creating a fresh, pulled-together feel.

Smooth Transition

Smooth Transition

Smooth Transition

All About Simplicity
Enjoying the great outdoors with your friends and family is all about simplicity. Your furniture materials should reflect that. Choose sturdy but simple materials, like teak and wicker, which will stay in style for many summers to come. Comfortable furniture invites lounging and lingering so include a distinctive mix of cushions in colors and textures to reflect what’s happening in your outdoor surroundings.


Every sofa needs a coffee table close by and that’s a rule to be followed in every room, not just in the living room. Whether in a conservatory, veranda or garden; create an alfresco living area and make the most of the lighter evenings.


All theRight Accessories

Outdoor living accessories should combine style and function seamlessly. Lanterns can add a pop of color when needed, but they also provide a soothing summer glow at night. Hurricane lamps, bamboo torches, and pillar candles are a lovely mix. Use combinations from the borders and herb garden for interesting flower displays such as mint and sweet pea. We love designing outdoor spaces, we just wish we could order up more sun…


Fireside Gathering
When the nights are cool and clear, nothing is better than gathering around an outdoor fire to share stories, laughter, and songs. To encourage storytelling, create a space around the fire pit where you and your guests can enjoy the comfort of soft cushions, plenty of colorful pillows and don’t forget the throws to help keep you warm when the sun goes down.


Remember, gardens are wonderful outdoor rooms to decorate. Whether your goal is to lounge, entertain, dine, or simply escape, outdoor living spaces play both a decorative and functional role where water, walls, lighting, plants and sky, all convey an atmosphere of joyful calm.

It’s never too early to start planning your garden for the warmer months ahead.

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