March 2016

Helpful Tips You Need to a Happy, More Alfresco Lifestyle

There's nothing like the arrival of Spring to remind us how wonderful it is to have some color in our lives. It's also time to get the outdoor living space ready for warmer days and longer evenings.
Layers of Beautiful Light Title

How to create layers of beautiful light in your home

There’s no other part of the home that delivers a mood, message, or eye candy quite like your lighting. We believe that decorative lighting is one of our greatest accessories. No other element in the home can provide warmth and create the same cozy atmosphere.

How to create a beautiful Easter gathering

We would like to share some helpful tips on how to create a beautiful Easter gathering at home with fresh accents, creative layering and a touch of playful charm.
The Quiet Moose Weblaunch

Introducing The Stunning New Look at The Quiet Moose

We did it AGAIN! For the second year in a row we are excited to announce the RE-launch of!